Good Manufacturing Certificate

Good Manufacturing Certificate Raw Materials

The raw materials used for a cosmetic product must be documented properly, stored appropriately, and tracked throughout the production process. If a product will be labeled as "organic", the market requirements for that designation need to be met in the correct percentage of certifiably organic material.

The standards for raw material purchase, storage, testing & documentation are as follows:

  • Document the arrival of raw materials and conduct prompt tests to ensure they are in compliance with all standards.
  • Store and handle ingredients in a manner that prevents their mix-up, contamination or decomposition.
  • All containers are properly labeled in respect to identity, lot identifier and control status.
  • All containers are closed, properly sealed and properly stored.
  • All raw materials of animal or vegetable origin, and Cosmetic manufactured by cold-pressing methods are tested for contamination with filth or microorganisms.
  • Any raw materials not meeting specifications are properly identified to prevent their use in Cosmetic.