Good Manufacturing Certificate Buildings and Facilities

The FDA mandates that cosmetic products be manufactured under conditions that ensure their safety and stability. While a focus on product ingredients is important, how and where a product is manufactured - and under what conditions - also factors in: a product might contain the finest ingredients in the world, but a badly placed pipe that drips onto a box of ingredients might result in mold or spoilage!

Buildings and Facilities must meet the following standards:

  • The production facilities are the right size for the operation
  • The production facilities are constructed and designed to allow free movement and unobstructed equipment placement
  • The production facilities are easy to clean and sanitize.
  • It is easy to access utilities and equipment for maintenance and repair.
  • The walls, floors and ceilings are constructed of smooth and easily cleanable surface that are in good repair and condition.
  • Fixtures, ducts and pipes are installed to prevent condensate from contaminating production equipment, cosmetic materials or product.
  • The facility is adequately lighted and kept at an appropriate temperature for personnel and materials.
  • The water supply, sanitary facilities, floor drainage and sewage hook-ups are adequate for the needs of the facility.