Good Manufacturing Certificate Other

The US Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act regulates the use of cosmetic ingredients, and offers a voluntary registration program for manufacturing sites, ingredients and customer usage data. There are many ingredients whose use in cosmetic products is regulated, restricted or prohibited. Refer to the Code of Federal Regulations for specific information.

Does the company participate in the voluntary registration of:

  • Cosmetic manufacturing establishments (21 CFR 710).
  • Cosmetic product ingredient and cosmetic raw material composition statements (21 CFR 720).
  • Cosmetic product experiences (21 CFR 730).

Does the company use any ingredient that is:

  • Not listed for use in Cosmetic (21 CFR 73, 74 and 82).
  • Not certified (21 CFR 80).
  • Cosmetic product experiences (21 CFR 730).

Is there any chance that a prohibited cosmetic ingredient might be included in a product (21 CFR 700)?