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Good Manufacturing Certificate Production

Production of a product has many steps from raw ingredients to a finished cosmetic item. Documenting every step, outlining every procedure, entering every formula, tracking raw ingredients is just the beginning: next, you have to make sure that those procedures are being followed and that the proper tests, inspections, etc. are being performed when appropriate.

The standards for production practices are as follows:

  • The cleaning, repair and sanitization of utensils, containers and equipment is scheduled and documented.
  • Using only approved materials and maintaining records of all testing of raw materials and products.
  • All packaged products are identifiable by some permanent code, indicating batch and production information.
  • Containers, tanks and other major equipment are labeled and identified to indicate contents, batch designation, control status and other information.
  • Labeling operations are double checked for accuracy.
  • Packaging operations are double checked to soundness.