What is a Free Sale Certificate?

A Certificate of Free Sale "CFS" (or Free Sale Certificate) is a document attesting that the listed cosmetic or personal care products are identical or equivalent to products freely sold throughout the United States.
It is issued on the company letterhead. However, it can also be issued by It can be issued by a local Department of Health where the company is located, by the Food and Drug Administration, or by a cosmetic trade association such as ACMA.

Obtain a free sale certificate

Certificates of Free Sale that will be used in Hague Convention countries require only an apostille to be legal for use. The apostille is issued by the local Secretary of State.
Free Sale certificates that will be used in non-Hague Convention countries require authentication and legalization. First they must be certified by the local Secretary of State, authenticated by the U.S. Department of State in Washington D.C., and finally submitted to the relevant embassy for legalization.

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