More Reasons to Love ACMA!

No Annual Fee

Unlike other cosmetic and manufacturer trade associations, ACMA charges no annual fee for membership. Our services are funded by the documents we process; ACMA members pay only for the services they need - when they need them!

The Lowest Possible Rates!

ACMA's mission is to support the export of American-made cosmetics - we keep the prices for our services as low as possible, to support our members!

ACMA Knows Its Stuff!

As of July 2013, the European Union has new rules for cosmetic and personal care products. Want to learn more? Check out ACMA's Export Resources to get the latest international rules and regulations for cosmetic products!

Fast, reliable and inexpensive!

ACMA handles documents swiftly and gets them back to you FAST! Documents are tracked throughout our system, and our experienced staff knows how to handle any request - from getting ACMA certification, obtaining an apostille, to having a Certificate of Free Sale legalized at a foreign embassy!

Create Your Own Forms!

Need to create a Free Sale Certificate but aren't sure what to do? Use our template!
Members can login and use ACMA's FREE Certificate Builder to create and print Certificates of Free Sale, Good Manufacturing Practices and BSE Compliance.

Document Access Worldwide!

Every ACMA Certificate is entered into a database that is accessible from anywhere in the world! Foreign governments, purchasers and distributors can log in to verify that a Certificate is genuine.

We know Washington!

Our central location in the heart of Washington, D.C. allows us to confer directly with embassy and consulate personnel if there are problems with legalizing a Certificate - our experience in legalizing documents lets us resolve issues quickly.