ACMA Customer Connect: Registered Distributor Program

  • American cosmetics and personal care products are prized around the world for the quality of their ingredients and the standards for manufacture.
  • If you are a distributor or importer located outside of the United States, ACMA members have the merchandise and export experience that you are looking for in a partner.
  • ACMA members manufacture some of the finest cosmetic and personal care products available today, and are already exporting these American-made products to a number of foreign countries.

ACMA's Registered Distributor program allows foreign importers, manufacturers and distributors to locate American manufacturers whose personal care and cosmetic products are a good fit for their marketplace.

If your company is looking for American-manufactured personal care products, create your Distributor Profile and find your partner today!

For Importers/Distributors

Locate the companies that are already participating in your marketplace and network with those who want to! Manufacturers are always looking for new markets and partners to help them develop a foothold.

Those who wish to access ACMA member information must register; Distributor/Importer information will be available to ACMA members interested in locating an export partner.

  • ACMA maintains lists of the top importers for many markets, but Registered Distributors have been vetted by ACMA and entries for those companies contain detailed contact and company information.
  • Registered Distributors also post on ACMA's forum when they are searching for a particular product, packaging solution, special formulas or ingredients.

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