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What is a Cosmetic Product?

The FDA act defines cosmetics as “substances intended to be poured, sprayed on, rubbed, or applied to the human body by any means, for purposes of clean, alter the appearance, purify, or promote attractiveness such as lipsticks, skin moisturizers, shampoo, facial makeup, toothpaste, and deodorants. In other words, any substance intended for use as a component of a cosmetics.”

These are the standards for maintaining equipment for cosmetic manufacture:

  • Equipment and the utensils used in the manufacture of the product are the appropriate design and material to prevent corrosion, adulteration with lubricants, dirt or sanitizing agents.
  • Once cleaned and sanitized, all utensils are stored and covered to protect them from contamination.
  • All utensils, transfer piping and contact surfaces are well-maintained, and cleaned and sanitized at appropriate intervals.