Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP)

This text based on the information in the US FDA website. ACMA is not responsible for changes to the program that is not reflected in the text below; clients are urged to visit the FDA website to ensure that program details are up to date.

About VCRP

Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program is a system created by FDA for cosmetics manufacturers and distributors in the United States. As suggested by the name, it is optional to register your cosmetics firm or products with the VCRP.
The VCRP is applied to products that are sold in the USA. Professional use and free samples products are not applicable to VCRP.

Benefits of VCRP participation

FDA utilizes VCRP as a database about the manufacturers of cosmetics in the United States. The Voluntary Program provides FDA with essential information about Cosmetics products, ingredients, and frequency of usage.
It is against the FDA laws when “FDA approved" phrase is on the label. It will be considered as misleading or false information, even if the manufacturer is registered with the FDA Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program. Labels containing false statements will result in the misbrand of the product
It is against FDA Act when a product label claims therapeutic qualities. If a product is promoted with claims of treatment or disease prevention, the FDA will consider this product as a drug.