Cosmetic Labeling & the FDA

Proper Labeling

The proper labeling is considered the final important aspect before distributing a product in the market. The FD&C act “The Food, Drug, and Cosmetics” and the FPLA “The Fair Packing and Labeling” enacted the laws that regulate cosmetics labeling. Labels are used to protect the consumers from the hazards of the misleading practices.

Packaging & Labeling Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics products labeling do not require the FDA pre approval. It is the manufacturer's liability to ensure that the product labels are in accordance with labeling regulations. Non-compliance of the FDA Act will result in a misbranded product.

It is against the FDA laws when “FDA approved" phrase is on the label. It will be considered as misleading or false information, even if the manufacturer is registered with the FDA Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program. Labels containing false statements will result in the misbrand of the product

It is against FDA Act when a product label claims therapeutic qualities. If a product is promoted with claims of treatment or disease prevention, the FDA will consider this product as a drug.

What is the language used in labeling?

Label information must be all in the English language. The sole exception is when products are marketed in the region of the United States where a different language is the dominant such as Puerto Rico.