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What is ACMA?

Our association of cosmetic manufacturers and distributors has offices in the nation's capital and represents the interests of American companies that wish to export their cosmetics and personal care products.

ACMA offers members a wealth of resources, from certification in Good Manufacturing Practices to navigating the document legalization process.

ACMA focuses on certifying documents such as Certificates of Free Sale, Good Manufacturing Practices Certificates and BSE Certificates. Our system allows us to offer expedited processing for Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices and Bills of Lading.

ACMA stays on top of the latest regulations and requirements for the international marketplace, in order to best support our members as they move their companies and products onto the global stage.


ACMA offers document services for US manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics and personal care products.


ACMA members enjoy quality service, swift turn-around and documents that are tracked every step of the way.


ACMA members pay the lowest processing rates possible.
Membership is free!

Membership is free! Join ACMA today!