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A registered trade association of cosmetic manufacturers and distributors located in the heart of Washington, DC,
ACMA® is dedicated to helping our members expand and thrive in an international marketplace!

Cosmetics Exhibition

Attention Members:
Plan to attend the Cosmetic Compliance Summit September 15-17, 2014, Princeton, N.J. ACMA will be present at the summit.

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Free Sale Certificate

These documents facilitate trade in markets that require a declaration regarding the safety and suitability of cosmetic products

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GMP Certificate

GMP certificates reassure consumers who want information about the safety and sustainability of products, packaging, and manufacturing practices.

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Go Global with ACMA

The world is waiting for your products! An ACMA® membership is the first step towards entering the international market and making a place for your company!
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BSE Certificate

These documents certify that the listed cosmetic products are certified free of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), also known as Mad Cow Disease.

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Internationally Recognized Quality Certification

The ACMA® trademark is recognized around the world as a symbol of quality and reliability. Importers trust ACMA Certificates, which can be verified and viewed online!

ACMA strives to keep costs as low as possible for our members. For this reason, ACMA never charges a fee for membership in the association.
Members pay only for the documents that they request

Are you an overseas buyer looking for U.S. products?
ACMA can take your order and inform our members who can meet your needs!

  • Free membership.
  • Low certification costs.
  • Advanced ordering system.
  • Expedited service.
  • Help finding buyers.

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